Meet The Makers

All the items listed on this page were made or donated to benefit St. Jude with the proceeds donated to the Makers for St. Jude fundraiser. A huge thank you to all that have donated their talents, time, and products to help kids with cancer.

Makers and brands are listed each time they sell or raffle a project for the fundraiser. If you're interested in participating, click the button to learn more.

2024 Makers & Brands

Project ImageRaffle live

Mrs. T made quilt

The quilt measures 82" by 82" and fits comfortably over a queen sized bed. The handmade (sewing machine) quilt is made from 100% cotton batik fabrics w/cotton thread. The design is a log cabin block. The pattern name is Star of Hope. The yellow centers of each block symbolize a window in the log cabin letting the sunshine in. The quilting is free motion, random quilting in a feather motif.

Maker:  Mrs. Thayer

Project Image$200 raised

$500 towards any custom piece

Your custom piece can be business logo (indoor), name sign, nursery sign, decor piece, event sign.

Maker:  Azul Timber

Project Image$270 raised

Cutting board and rolling pin

My Dad and I saw this great fundraiser and wanted to chip in. He hand turned the French style rolling pin on a lathe in South Dakota and brought it with him to Colorado where we made the walnut and maple cutting board. The rolling pin is 14" long and the cutting board is ~6" x 11".

Maker:  TF Woodcraft

Project Image$100 raised

Cutting board

Cutting board is made out of Walnut, Cherry and White Oak measuring 11.5” by 10.5”.

Maker:  Soluna Woodworks

Project Image$550 raised

Osage orange light

Welcome! I'm raffling off this beautiful one-of-a-kind live edge Osage orange hanging light with pendant lights for donations to St. Jude. It is currently wired to be plugged into an outlet, but it can easily be switched over to be wired in directly. It's an amazing yellow-orange with stripes where the tree must have been hit by lightening at some point. I think that tells a fantastic parallel story of endurance and beauty for the tree itself and for all of the children and families who are helped by St. Jude each year.

Maker:  G & M Wood Designs

Project Image$205 raised

Able & friends maker raffle

WBC 2024 maker signed Vans, Vans shoe pushstick, "Lost Tapes" driftwood tape, F Fear Pushstick, Creepy Craftsman eye contact, Streamline tape measure, ISO Tunes Free 2.0, 2 Vans Snapback hats, Odie's Oil.

Maker:  Matthew Ableman

Project Image$200 raised

Scrollsaw Cow

Why do cows have so much fur? Asking for a friend. In all seriousness, this piece for me is a first and a quite tedious one. I have made some frames with shaped elements, but never one with so much hair 😀. But I would make 1 million of these or more if it meant that we could raise enough money to cure cancer forever. In the meantime, I would like to do my part in making something that will raise even just a tiny amount for St. Jude. I can’t wait to put it all together and see what it looks like in the end.

Maker:  Roots in Portugal

Project Image$450 raised

$400 gift card to shop

All items featured will be covered by the $400 gift card (some with modifications) If you would like to order multiple smaller ticket items, I’m happy to work with you until the $400 is spent! To purchase a raffle ticket, click View Raffle below. 1 entry is $5, 2 entries are $8, 3 entries are $10 and any entries beyond 3 are only $2 each!! 100% of the funds raised will go towards Makers for St Jude’s Spring Challenge!

Maker:  The Forged Fox

Project Image$140 raised

The Voyage of Resilience

My piece is called The Voyage of Resilience 💛. It incorporates both elephants and sunflowers. Elephants are well known for their strength, perseverance, and great courage; common traits that young children fighting cancer have. Sunflowers are added to this piece to manifest and channel their symbolism of a long, happy life.

Maker:  Olive and Pine Designs

Project Image$875 raised


Hi! I am Daniela, the owner of Gray Elephant Goods. I am honored and thankful you’re here. Although I do not normally name my art pieces, this one is titled, Mia. Dedicated to my beautiful, strong and courageous niece. Mia suffered a stroke at birth and has CP. Mia amazes me with her strength and determination. She has a heart like a wildflower; tough enough to handle the worst of storms and flourishing and growing in all the places people said she couldn’t. This scroll saw art and mosaic was one of my most complex and layered designs that I have made to date. It measures 17x17” made all with wood. The flowers are hand cut and shaped and then painted placed inside a black walnut mosaic. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Maker:  Gray Elephant Goods

Project Image$1,171 raised

Lion of Courage

The "Lion of Courage" is a handcrafted scroll saw art piece that was made from cut and hand-sanded/shaped wood. This exclusive piece is more than just art; it's a symbol of the relentless spirit, fierce bravery, and unwavering hope that children with cancer demonstrate every day. Handcrafted with love, The Lion of Courage is based on a drawing I made in 2014, during a time of reflection on the virtues of strength and resilience in the face of daunting challenges. This cause is close to my heart, born from a personal story of loss and resilience. It's a tribute to every child who has faced cancer with bravery beyond their years.

Maker:  Willow & Ash Designs

Project Image$740 raised

X-Men 11 Cover Replica

Drawn up in Procreate, fired on my laser, and hand painted. Sized up to 20” x 13” and the finished piece will be framed.

Maker:  DadCrafted

Project Image$205 raised

The Coastal Casual charcuterie board

Maple burl epoxy board with an ocean theme on the top and a classic black theme on the bottom.

Maker:  VanStray Designs

Project Image$145 raised

Claro Black Walnut Charcuterie Board

This board is a whopping 28 1/2” x 11 1/2” x 1”

Maker:  Big Dogs Workshop

Project Image$4505 raised

SurfPrep Sanding System Kit

Win a 3" X 4" SurfPrep Sanding System! $699 value. If you already own a 3"x4" kit, you can use the $699 towards another SurfPrep product on their website. $30 donated = 1 entry! $50 donated = 2 entries!

Brand:  SurfPrep Sanding

Project Image$1150 raised

Custom cornhole board set

Winner will receive a fully customized pro-style TYG Generation 4 Cornhole Board Set with bags (8), personalized to their liking. Whether it's your favorite team, a cherished memory, or a unique design, we'll bring your vision to life.

Maker:  Temecula Yard Games

Project Image$1070 raised

Mappa Burl Slab

Win this beautiful slab which measures approximately 5’ long, 24” wide, and 2” thick and is surfaced flat and ready to use. Raffle tickets are only $30 for 1 entry, $50 for 2 entries, and $100 for 5 entries! This includes free UPS shipping to the lower 48 states.

Brand:  Rustic Lumber Store

2023 Makers & Brands

Project Image$2260 raised

SurfPrep Vacuum POV-8

Win a POV-8 Vacuum System from SurfPrep Sanding! $700 Value. $30 donated = 1 entry! $50 donated = 2 entries!

Brand:  SurfPrep Sanding

Project Image$375 raised

Rawr for St. Jude / Single Barrel Series Special Edition

This is more than just a framed photograph. This frame measures 12”x12” and is made from a fallen White Oak in Atlanta, GA, with walnut splines. The sawdust was collected while making the frame and infused into hand-made paper, so the frame, print, and photo are all connected. Each piece is one of a kind. Uses museum quality glass for extra UV protection and to minimize glare & reflections.

Maker:  Barrel Proof Woodworks

Project Image$110 raised

Walnut & Cherry end grain cutting board

Board measures approximately 12" x 18". Nice and thick - 1.5" board is finished with food safe finish, and has rubber feet installed on the bottom to keep it off the counter.

Maker:  Melvin Rooter

Project Image$400 raised

Dual Hat Rack

Custom dual hat rack made out of walnut with wenge and maple splines, and Maker's for St. Jude Logo.

Maker:  Regal Street Woodshop

Project Image$180 raised

Barnwood "N" Sign

This "N" sign is made from 100% reclaimed Nebraska barnwood.

Maker:  Against the Grain

Project Image$165 raised

Charcuterie board and coaster set

The charcuterie board and coasters are made from Claro Walnut sourced from Oregon! A beautiful red epoxy was poured first with a clear layer over top to give an amazing 3D look! The charcuterie board features rubber feet and handles as well.

Maker:  Thousand Mile Designs

Project Image$335 raised

Solar system puzzle

Painted with milk paint, and finished with oil that is CPSC compliant (kid safe, non toxic, zero VOC).

Maker:  Waddle Wood Creations

Project Image$650 raised

Live edge walnut waterfall table

Maker:  Woodworker vs. Cancer

Project Image$120 raised

15” x 9” x 1.5” made from maple, cherry, walnut, and purple heart.

Maker:  Taylor Custom Crafted

Project Image$500 raised

Gravel Worlds Winter Endurance trophies

Maker:  Woodworker vs. Cancer

Project Image$700 raised

Walnut console table with shelf

Maker:  Woodworker vs. Cancer

Project Image$350 raised

Cherry shaker console table

Maker:  Woodworker vs. Cancer