2024 Childhood Cancer Challenge

September through November

September is childhood cancer awareness month and we are doing our second annual Childhood Cancer Challenge September through the end of November. We raised over $11,000 our first year and our goal this year is to raise $35,000 by the end of this year!

$20,657 raised of $35,000 2024 goal

We have raised $31,764 since starting the project in 2023.

About the challenge

This is a group challenge for makers to come together with their talents to raise money to hit our $35,000 goal for St. Jude and help fight childhood cancer. We have a lot of cool prizes for the makers and working on getting more, so everyone that does the challenge has an opportunity to win, and the more you raise, the better your chances!

Ways you can join the challenge

As a maker

  1. You can raffle or sell an item(s) and donate the proceeds to your fundraiser. A lot of makers that have participated raffled an item that raised 3 times more than it normally sells for!
  2. You can just create a fundraiser under our group and ask for donations. You might be amazed how much you can raise by posting it on social media and asking family and friends for donations, and you can even donate to your own fundraiser.
  3. Donate directly to our Makers for St. Jude group fundraiser.
  4. For every $100 you raise, you get a raffle ticket for the prizes!

As a brand

  1. You can raffle or sell an item(s) and donate the proceeds to your fundraiser. SurfPrep Sanding raffled off a 3x4" sanding system valued at $700 and raised $4505 doing it! We are looking to get more brands to do raffles this year.
  2. You can donate a gift certificate or merchandise which the makers that participate will be eligible to win. You will be listed under the Prizes For Makers on this page, and also on the Sponsors page.
  3. Donate directly to our Makers for St. Jude group fundraiser.

Challenge Details

  • The challenge ends November 30th and we will use the amount you raised since January 1st for the raffle. The group fundraiser goes until the end of the year and you can still continue to fundraise until then.
  • To be eligible for the raffle prizes we suggest you create a fundraiser with the Makers for St. Jude group fundraiser so the amount you raise will be easier for us to track. This is your personal fundraiser to run however you want and you get credit for all money raised. The money you raise will be included with the group fundraiser towards our $35K goal. Details on how to create your fundraiser are on the How to Participate page.
  • You can raise money however you like! You can raffle or sell an item(s), post on social media just asking for donations, or whatever you want to do to raise money. You can even donate to your own fundraiser. You can collect money using Venmo, etc. and donate that to your fundraiser.
  • For the prizes you will get raffle entries based on the amount you raise.
  • For every $100 you raise, you will get 1 raffle entry. $260 will get 2 raffle entries.
  • If you hit $300, you will get 2 bonus entries. $570 will get 5 raffle entries plus 2 bonus entries for a total of 7.
  • If you hit $1000, you will get 3 additional bonus entries. $1200 will get 12 raffle entries plus (2 + 3) bonus entries for a total of 17.
  • All participants will be listed on The Makers page of the website, along with a link to their IG, FB, or website.

For details on how to get started and create your fundraiser

Instagram Tags

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Partner Sponsors: @sawdust_talk @surfprepsanding @onefinitycnc
Prize Sponsors: @workbenchconference @xfastenbrand @realmilkpaintco
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In Partnership With

Sawdust Talk
SurfPrep Sanding
Onefinity CNC

Prizes For Makers

We already have $3300 in prizes and will be adding more! Please follow all of these awesome sponsors!
Ticket to 2025 conference, $679 value each, 2 chances to win
Duct Tape Silver, Hook and Loop Strips, Glue Tape Model K (RED), Glue Tape Model C, Honeycomb Packing Paper Tan, Nano Tape, Box Cutter, Tailor Scissors Yellow, 2 winners, $405 value
Rockler Portable Drill Guide with Vise, $350 value (click image for details)
Real Milk Paint Co.
$300 gift certificate
Total Boat
1-gallon kit of High Performance Epoxy, mixing cups, a hat, UV Resin, and a bottle of Wood Honey, $210 value, CONUS only
Carbon Method
2 $100 gift certificates
pTree's Workshop
$100 gift certificate to his Etsy store and hoodie, $130 value
2 cans of Woodaddy Furniture Oil (clear or color), $100 value
Rustic Lumber
$100 gift certificate to store towards wood or supplies
George Supply Co
3 pack of CA glue, a banner with the winner's logo, and a $25 gift card, $100 value
Daniel Dunlap Woodworks
Bow tie inlay set and choice of zero clearance insert or push stick, $60 value

Contact us to donate

St. Jude patient Grit

Grit’s family began their journey with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital when he was diagnosed with cancer in December 2017. In April 2023, after 1,922 days of chemotherapy, Grit officially finished treatment. As Grit says, he no longer needs his “hulk juice.”

“Grit is thriving,” his dad Nolan said. When asked about St. Jude, Nolan says, “There’s just no greater cause. Helping kids survive and live long, fulfilling lives so they can go on to live out the St. Jude legacy and then pay it forward themselves.”